Reason #23 why we should abolish the CLCs.

Question: What’s the best thing you have done at Williams so far?

Morgan Goodwin: I [have] definitely loved being a JA. But if I had to pick one thing, I’d say starting the Thursday Night Group with Justin Bates ’07 this fall was it. I think that we’ve really made environmentalism, or at least global warming activism, a really sexy and cool thing and [gotten] people excited about it in a way they hadn’t been.

Remember the Tablecloth Colors! Imagine that, instead of founding the Women’s Center, CLC Sara Ansell had decided to “help” create a group devoted to sustainability, had decided that what Williams students needed is more attention to global warming. Being smart and dedicated, Ansell would have done a fine job at this, probably even better than the job done by Goodwin and Bates. Would they have been better off if Ansell had started the Thursday Night Group instead of them? No!

But Goodwin’s rewarding leadership experience, the very “best thing” that this accomplished Eph (and fellow Eph Blogger!) has done at Williams, is what is seen. What is unseen is the student who would have founded the Women’s Center, who would have created this institution from scratch if Sara Ansell were not here.

That student’s experience at Williams has been worse than Goodwin’s. Why? The Office of Campus Life did for her what she should have been allowed to do for herself.

The less control that students have over life at Williams, the worse that their college experience will be.

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