Things are hopping over at College Confidential now that admissions news is out.

Decision: WAITLISTED, gotta love yield protection


* SAT: CR: 770 M: 800 W: 690
* SAT IIs: 800 mathII, 760 USH, 740 Physics
* GPA: 103.6
* Rank: 3/727

Why I think I was waitlisted: I showed no interest. I never visited and never will. I honestly just applied because it was easy.

I got into Columbia, Cornell and Chicago, all of which I would choose over Williams.

Good for Williams! Later commentators in the thread claim that Williams does not practice yield management, one aspect of which is the rejection of highly qualified candidates whom you expect will not attend. By rejecting them before they can reject Williams, the College improves its yield.

Does Williams practice yield management? Of course! (Comments welcome.) The valedictorian of a local (Massachusetts) high school, accepted virtually everywhere (Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, et cetera) was waitlisted by Williams. Why? Probably because she never visited and/or didn’t sign up for an alumni interview and/or gave no indication that she was interested in Williams. Might she have come if accepted? Perhaps, and that is the danger of yield management. But the College gets around this a bit by waitlisting her. If she indicates any interest in coming, the College would probably accept her in a jiffy.

Should Williams practice yield management? In an ideal world, No. But in this imperfect world it has little choice and, fortunately, the cost of doing so is low.

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