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My Hip-Hop Television.com

Jeff Delaney ’05 writes:

Considering your broad knowledge of the alumni pool, I am hoping you can provide some guidance in my search for an Eph that might be interested in a new project I’ve been working on for the last few months with a few friends in NYC: My Hip-Hop Television.com.

Simply, myhhtv is a web start up dedicated to providing far more balanced and original hip-hop programming than is currently offered by popular Viacom media outlets (i.e. BET, MTV). If you can think of anyone who might be even remotely interested in hearing about the venture, or has some legitimate level of experience with entertainment programming, it would be most helpful.

Great stuff. Can anyone suggest some Eph names for Jeff to contact? (If you want to reach Jeff directly, his e-mail is jeffrey.delaney at Gmail.) One of the key purposes of EphBlog is to bring together Ephs in specific subject areas. Alas, hip-hop is not my, uh, oeuvre. My main advice to Jeff is to reach out to everyone and anyone. The secret to networking is to maximize the number of people you (try to) talk to. This is hard since no one likes to get rejected, but it is necessary. I would also urge Jeff to aim high. Even very important Ephs are often ready to meet with youngsters starting out their careers.

Some names? Well, the trustees provide some interesting places to start. David Bowen ’83 does venture investing in New York City. He would be the first person that I would try. Stephen Harty ’73, Bob Scott ’68, and Richard Levy ’74 are all located in NYC, albeit in less directly relevant fields. Still, you never know who they might know. In any networking situation, you ideally want to meet the person face-to-face, perhaps over coffee, perhaps just in their office.

My favorite rule of networking, copied from an anonymous Eph, is “If you want money, ask for advice. But, if you want advice, ask for money.”

More later.