They aren’t online yet, but the Record ran four great articles about Katie Craig in this week’s issue. I’ll post them when they become available, but I thought I’d summarize them for those who aren’t lucky enough to have a hard copy of the paper at their fingertips.

The headline of this week’s paper is “Campus mourns passing of Katie Craig ’08.” There is a large color picture of the candlelight vigil, with students holding candles. There is an article below the picture that serves an obituary, with a picture of Katie and reminiscences by students, faculty, coaches and friends. The right side of the paper is an article headlined “Craig takes own life after battling Bipolar.” This is an article about the circumstances of Katie’s taking a leave of absence, her brief treatment and diagnosis, and her death almost immediately afterwards.

Inside the paper, the Record board piece this week is entitled “On remembering Katie Craig ’08 in print.” It discusses the difficulty of what to do in such an event. As the editors say, “Amidst an almost palpable sense of communal heartache, we as journalists came to a challenging question: how much can, or should, these pages say?” They discuss the decision to run three articles covering different aspects of the event: an obituary, a news article about her illness and death, and an op-ed article by her friends. The piece deals well with this difficult topic, and should be read by anyone who is interested in the sensitive issues surrounding the death of a current and beloved student.

As mentioned above, one of this week’s op-eds is written by two of Katie’s close friends, and is full of their memories of Katie. It includes a large picture of Katie with a group of eight friends, including the two writers of the piece, on Mountain Day this past fall atop Stony Ledge.

I will post the articles when they become available online (they are much too long to type out.)

Condolences to all.

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