The Record covers admissions news for the class of 2011. Lots of interesting stuff. How is that quota for international students doing?

There are 93 non-U.S. citizens offered acceptance, making up 8% of the group and representing 43 different countries. The majority of international applications arrived from China. “The more distance areas you pull from, the lower your yield,” Nesbitt said. He used this trend to explain why accepting a greater number of students overall will not affect the College’s yield, since many of the accepted of the accepted students from California and overseas may not want to go to school so far from home.

In another thread, an anonymous reader wites:

Hmmmm. since int’l students have lower yield than the US ones, I would expect that the int’l percentage be in 5-7% range. I guess that they have not revised the quota this year either. Well, maybe next year.

I was under the impression that the yield from international students was higher because of Williams’s policy of need-blind admissions for non-US citizens, matched by only a handful of schools. Why would it be lower? Because international students are more likely to choose a “name” school over Williams than US students? Perhaps. Or are Nesbitt’s comments only supposed to apply to distances within the US?

My prediction is that the international quota is being slowly phased out. I expect to see more than 6% international students in the class of 2011.

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