The executive committee of the Society of Alumni is meeting this week-end in Williamstown. The agenda?

Highlights of our meeting include a session with Mike Reed ’75, vice president for Strategic Planning and Institutional Diversity, lunch with Brandi Brown ’07 who will talk about her winter study project on ‘Eph-ailure,’ and a discussion with John Noble, director of Career Counseling and several students about career-based affinity groups. We’ll continue our subcommittee discussions on issues of inclusion and volunteerism and be updated on The Williams Campaign and progress on our online communications strategies.

1) Kudos to the alumni office for making public this agenda. The more transparent the process, the more successful the outcome.

2) But we need more details! Mike Reed will probably have an interesting handout and/or informative slides. Can we see them? Why not? There are, perhaps, a few sensitive pieces of data that should not be widely distributed. Fine. Leave those out. But tell us everything else. Indeed, why not podcast Mike’s presentation?

3) “career-based affinity groups” are a type of Eph-COI. Go ahead and use our terminology. We don’t mind! Note that “career-based” is misleading. The OCC Finance blog is not just for those who make their careers in finance. It is also for those who find finance interesting, even if they are doctors or lawyers or professors. We need to get the alumni office involved with these groups.

4) Who are these “several students” and why aren’t I in touch with them? If you know them, please pass along a link to our listing of Eph-COI posts.

5) How might the members of the EC get involved? Easy. They should be bloggers! Joining EphBlog, for example, would get the word out about “inclusion and volunteerism” better than any other option. It would be great fun to have an EC member who, say once a week, wrote a post about volunteer work going on at Williams or among the alumni groups.

6) John Noble should also try to recruit a couple of EC members for his OCC blogs. The great challenge he will soon confront is the production of content. If you want to matter in the on-line world, you need readers. If you want readers, you need content (at least one new thing each weekday). Now, few we be as productive (?) as we here at EphBlog are, but the more different voices included at the OCC blogs, the better. Even if EC members don’t feel like writing posts, John should still be able to cajole/shame them into reading and, occasionally, commenting.

In any event, I am a fan of the EC. I applied for a space this year but was turned down. No worries! There is always next year. And every person on the EC that I know personally is a high quality individual. The more that Williams can harness their talent and dedication, the better.

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