There is voracious demand from celebrity stalkers around the world for information about Brooks Perlin ’96, boyfriend of Katie Couric. EphBlog is here to help! Do you have a non-libelous story about Brooks? Did you play tennis or squash with him at Williams? Do you remember him from class or the dining hall? Tell us a (nice, preferably) story. The world needs your help.

For starters, can we get to the bottom of whether or not his relationship with Couric is connected to her invitation to be the commencement speaker?

Wait, do you really think her selection as commencement speaker had anything to do with the fact that she is dating some random Eph alum? Seems like a stretch to me, unless Brooks is somehow connected to the Williams trustees or something.

I don’t know. The Perlin/Couric relationship is not brand new, so the timing is plausible. Jessica Taylor knew about it in March. Note that Couric is famous enough that Williams is happy to invite her. Perlin did not get the gig for Couric, he helped (?) Williams get Couric for the gig. Surely we have source on the Honors Committee that can help us out.

I am perplexed as to what Perlin does for a living, other than triathlons. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Does he have a house (baronial mansion?) in Williamstown? His family is wealthy. Nothing wrong with that, either! Some of my closest friends, et cetera. Local residents should help us out. I assume that the reports that Couric and Perlin were seen around Williamstown (when?) are accurate. If so, a smart college president like Morty would a) Find that out and b) Use the connection to nab a famous speaker.

The goal here is not pernicious gossip. Really! The goal is nice, feel good stories about an Eph in love (with a US media star).

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