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The slideshow component of the Ephailure project by Brandi Brown ’07, discussed earlier on UnderHopkins, will not be publicly available. Apologies to readers who were looking for this to be publicly released…but for several reasons, Brandi Brown ’07, who put the project together, has decided against generally releasing her slideshow and giving additional public talks based on it. She’s asked me to briefly explain here, since David Kane ’88 has already referenced her presentation to the Society of Alumni Executive Committee on EphBlog, and some readers are undoubtedly waiting for more info.

More on the flip…

The on-campus public talk Brandi gave was necessary to confirm the validity of her qualitative data and conclusions. The discussions and Lissack forum were also part of that process. And, if her data is to prove at all useful in lighting the path for change, people involved in the College needed to be made aware of the data, in order to start productive discussions among the relevant policy-shapers about what the College does, and why the College does it. I hope Brandi’s presentation to the SoA Exec. Committee will get that process started.

But making the data publicly available poses a few problems. First, the presentation relied in part on extended quotations from anonymous interviews. Should the information contained in those quotations become generally available, those interviews might not stay very anonymous for very long. Brandi has an obligation to the people who opened up to her to live up to her guarantee of confidentiality. Additionally, the slideshow, taken out of context, would read quite differently from the way it reads when used simply as an aid for Brandi’s talk. Given this potential for things to be read the wrong way, having the slideshow publicly available could cause a public ruckus over its contents that would be detrimental to the goal of simply improving the College. People might construe the slideshow and, by extension, the whole project as simply articulating a ‘syllabus of errors’, when in fact, Brandi is trying to turn it into something far more constructive. For these reasons, public release of the slideshow would be very detrimental to the project’s integrity.

Apologies to those these reasons don’t satisfy, but Brandi believes it’s for the best and I support her decision. If you’d like more information, check my earlier post at UnderHopkins. I’ll try to keep up with the comments thread there to answer any questions that pop up (anyone with a gmail account can comment, and if you need an account I’ve got tons of invites!)…but Brandi and I are both students trying to close out the Spring semester, so you know how that goes.

Cheers all.

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