Ryan Lupo ’11 sounds like just the sort of student who will thrive at Williams.

In addition to his outstanding performance on the football field, Lupo is a member of the National Honor Society, a Peer Leader at the school for the last three years, a member of the Student Council and a Boys State delegate.

Lupo also is in the school choir and was the leader in the school musical, “Pajama Game,” where he portrayed Sid Sorokin. “It was a lot of work and practice,” he said of the musical. “It starts up right after football so I went from one right into the other. I really enjoyed doing it and I am going to try to do that at college. I’ll be playing football, but I also hope to be in an a capella group they have.”

He’ll also be trying to continue his success on the football field, leaving behind his 16 school records as he heads to Williams “I leave Aug. 27, so we actually start pretty late,” Lupo said. “The football season will be shorter for me now than it was in high school. We play eight games in the NESCAC and that’s it. I’m already looking forward to the Amherst-Williams game. It’s a great rivalry and I’m excited to get to be a part of it. I can’t wait to get there.”


And, for potential members of the class of 2011, if you are deciding between Williams and a larger school, keep in mind that it is mostly impossible to do two things seriously. You can’t both play football and sing a capella. At Williams, pursuing two passions is routine.

Julia Sendor ’08 made the right choice 3 years ago. Will you?

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