A disturbing report from the Record regarding tenure denial:

Mladenovic, Whitaker appeal tenure calls
Amanda Korman – News Editor


Whitaker claims that the reasons he was denied tenure were inadequate. “Bill [Wagner] cited that my publication rate for physics was low, but that’s only half of my work,” as Whitaker’s research is two-pronged. While he does do traditional experimental physics research, he has started to collaborate with Joan Edwards, professor of biology, on biophysics experiments.

Since Whitaker came to the College, he has published five papers in both fields, one in the major publication Nature. “Only two professors [in the physics department] have published more than I have in the past six years,” he said.

He claimed that his dual interests hurt his chances because he was not prolific enough in the physics department. “Of course both publication rates were lower than average, of course [the CAP] was able to use this [against me]. They said I didn’t reach their mark of excellence,” he said.

Link to the published Nature article (PDF) and accompanying videos, which garnered a fair amount of media coverage for Whitaker and Edwards last year.

Does the CAS really want to be discouraging such inter-disciplinary collaboration?

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