Every gossip hound on the internets is coming to EphBlog, searching for information about Brooks Perlin ’96. Was there big news recently?

The Boston Herald claims that “Perlin also helped his alma mater, Williams College, score Couric to be commencement speaker June 3. So it must be love.” This is probably true, but no sources are provided. Also:

How many women do you know who are stressed about cavorting around with a boytoy 17 years her junior??? “CBS Evening News” gal Katie Couric is not only down in the dumps about her failure to boost the Eye network’s news out of the ratings basement, she’s melting down about her affair with a 33-year-old former triathlete, reports the National Enquirer.

Couric, 50, has been quietly dating financial analyst Brooks L. Perlin for the past six months and is agonizing over their formidable age difference. Katie, you may remember, dated more age appropriate Red Sox [team stats] cheese Tom Werner for a couple of years, but they broke it off in 2004. “Katie loves to describe all the sex they are having, but she’s clearly conscious of the age difference between them,” a pal tattled to the tabloid. “She keeps asking people if they think Brooks looks older than he really is.”

In fact, Couric is so obsessed with Perlin’s youth that she continues to see other men, a friend confessed. “Jazz musician Chris Botti is still in the picture, and Katie dates other guys too,” the friend said, “but she does consider Brooks her boyfriend right now.”

The two have taken romantic getaways to Mexico and Sun Valley, Idaho, and they even attended the Super Bowl in Miami, but she insisted Brooks sit a seat away from her so they wouldn’t be photographed together, a source told the Enquirer. However, the F.O.K. dished that the newsgal allows the Darien, Conn., native to sleep over at the haute home she shares with her two daughters, Ellie, 15 and Carrie, 11.

The Enquirer’s latest expose on the notoriously perky TV personality also delves into her battle with depression and frequent rages directed at her co-workers. In fact, sources tell the tabloid her colleagues often take bets on who will be the next victim of Couric’s vitriol! Katie’s moodiness is thought to be a direct effect of the criticism she’s had to endure since joining CBS last fall.

Note that AgeMatch seems to have bought “brooks perlin” as a key word search term on Google. Is that the definition of fame in the internet age? The tag line for the link is:

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Good to know.

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