Subject: Virginia Tech Vigil

To the Williams Community,

Tomorrow–Monday, April 23rd–marks the one-week anniversary of the horrible events at Virginia Tech. In remembrance of the victims, Williams College Council, in conjunction with Rick Spalding and the Chaplain’s Office, is planning a day of remembrance and a candlelight vigil in which we hope you can all take part.

Beginning early in the day, one white sheet with the “VT” logo will be hung in
the Paresky Center. Markers will be provided, and we ask that you leave a
short note to the victims, their families, and all others affected by this
tragedy. The content of the note is entirely up to you–even just signing your
name will mean a great deal. These banners will then be sent to Virginia Tech
so that they may hang them in memoriam alongside those from other schools
around the country.

This day-long banner signing will culminate in a candlelight vigil to be held
at 10 PM at the Chapin steps. The ceremony will begin with a short welcome, a
reading of the names of those who lost their lives, and a moment of silence.
We will then reserve some time for anyone with any prepared thoughts or
feelings they would like to share with the campus–and for this we need your
help. We ask that anyone interested in participating in this portion of the
ceremony send an e-mail to Jonathan Misk (07jnm) or Adam Baron (10amb) as soon
as possible. After these people have spoken, we will then hold our candles and
stand in silence to remember the victims–the microphone will remain open,
however, and we encourage anyone who wishes to share their thoughts to do so.
After some time in silence the ceremony will then conclude with a lighting of
thirty-two candles, one for each victim, that will remain lit throughout the

We hope that you will all be able to join us at this event or at least leave a
short message on one of the sheets hanging in Paresky throughout the day.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Jonathan Misk ’07 and Adam Baron ’10
Williams College Council

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