Andrew Goldston ’09 has more thoughts on the Mary Jane Hitler controversy. (Again, I am looking for better names than this! But, still, this one isn’t bad. The word “Hitler” needs to be there, obviously, but the “Mary Jane” part is a double entendre, referring to both marijuana (a marijuana leaf was in the center of the poster) and the (unknown) Williams female who posted them. (Previous commentary here.)

That said, we’re past the 72 hour mark and I haven’t heard anything more about this from official sources. I figured there’d be a big staff meeting in Hopkins Hall this morning to come up with a PR strategy for this, but I’ve heard nothing so far. It will be unfortunate if we don’t get a fuller public statement from College officials within the next day or so.

I’m not going to say that the campus Jewish community deserves swift justice, retribution, or whatever against the perps here. I don’t know the circumstances, and I’m not clamoring for anyone to be burned at the stake. But what we do deserve is more information about what this was, and what happens now.

Perhaps. But, instead of just demanding that the administration supply him with information, Andrew ought to also supply the rest of us. Please post a copy of both the Holocaust Remembrance Day poster and the Mary Jane Hitler poster. Or mail me copies and I will post them. It is hard to have a fully informed opinion without seeing the posters. Also, Andrew ought to post (or at least crosspost) these entries at EphBlog. He has just the sort of insider’s perspective that hundreds of EphBlog readers are eager to consider.

Jesse Levitt ’08 was kind enough to pass on this description:

[T]hey reflected an imitation of our REMEMBER poster, substituting a marijuana leaf where we used the infamous yellow star, and quotes from Hitler, with photos, where we remembered specific persons who perished at the hands of the Nazis.

Andrew also reports that “[A]pparently most people at the town meeting actually thought they were just ‘yay Hitler’ posters, with a serious pro-Hitler component.” Really? I can understand being furious that someone would be so insensitive/cruel/anti-Semitic to put up such posters. But I can’t imagine seriously believing that someone on campus was pro-Hitler. What does it even mean to be pro-Hitler? In favor of the Holocaust? Are there people at Williams who really believe that some Williams students are pro-Hitler? That seems absurd (to me). If anyone else was at the meeting, please let us know your thoughts.

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