Former Williams professor KC Johnson writes:

Tomorrow afternoon Group of 88 stalwart Grant Farred will give a talk on the lacrosse case entitled, “Public Secrets, Public Scandals: The Event of Duke Lacrosse.” The talk is scheduled for 4.30pm, at Griffin Hall, Room 3, Williams College.

One “public scandal” of this case, of course, was Farred’s behavior–the Literature professor published a pre-election op-ed accusing hundreds of Duke students of “secret racism” for the offense of . . . registering to vote in Durham.

Given that Farred’s talk seeks to expose “Public Secrets,” it would seem that he would be eager for as much publicity as possible. Yet it is my understanding that he rejected a request for his talk to be taped.

I would invite anyone who attends the talk to take notes, which I will post.

Indeed. Perhaps our readers can leave their notes in the comments to this post. We are all curious. Previous coverage of Farred here. The College likes to podcast interesting faculty lectures. Why not podcast this one? Would Professor Farred be reasonable to turn down a request from the College to do so?

There are a lot of great questions for an enterprising Record reporter. Just what is Farred doing at Williams anyway? He is only here for the spring semester. How much is Williams paying him? Did his class, “Writing Africa from Beyond: The Novel of the Diaspora,” go well?

Even better would be to quiz Professor Joy James, chair of the Africana Studies department. What does she think of the Duke Lacrosse Non-Rape, about Farred’s role a member of the Gang of 88? Does she think that people like Farred belong on the faculty at Williams? Does she plan to invite him again?

And, just a little trip down memory lane, I liked these two comments on a post pointing out what was obvious from the start: there was no rape.

In regards to the alleged rape case, you seem very sure about something that isn’t clear at all. This is a perfect reason why the KaneBlog will never speak for me.

Good to know! Welcome to the reality-based community.

Tell that to Prof. Joy James.

She would run circles around you.

Do tell. It was on my to-do list to interview Professor James and other members of the Africana Studies department about this case last year. Alas, I never did. But it’s never too late. The Record ought to give them a call.

And what lesson should Williams men (of all races) learn from this sad case? Never hire strippers. Never go to a strip club.

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