Most of the thousands of new visitors to EphBlog not interested in Hitler posters are probably coming because of this People article about Brooks Perlin ’96 and some newscaster.


After six months of dating 33-year-old entrepreneur Brooks Perlin, Katie Couric, 50, isn’t worried about the younger-man thing, PEOPLE reports in its latest issue.

“The age difference scared her off at first,” says a friend of the CBS Evening News anchor, who agreed to have dinner with Perlin a few weeks after chatting with him at a Manhattan cancer fund-raiser in September.

Since that first date, the pair have shared nights out at Manhattan’s Gramercy Hotel’s Rose Bar and the “21” Club, attended the Super Bowl in Miami and gone skiing in Sun Valley, where they stayed at the home of casino mogul Steve Wynn.

“Perlin is a nice guy,” says Couric’s friend. “He’s extremely smart. He’s honest. He doesn’t play games. He’s sweet. Normal. Really grounded. It’s a drama-free relationship.”

Adds the pal: “They do the same things any new couple would do. They sometimes stay in and watch movies. They go on trips. … They spend a lot of time together, considering how busy they both are.”

So who is Brooks Perlin? The prep school-educated son of a rich Connecticut family, he attended Williams College, where he played on the tennis team and was known for “laserlike volleys,” says one schoolmate, “and lots of shirtlessness. He seemed to enjoy displaying the bod.”

These days, he competes in triathlons, keeping to a grueling training schedule while starting up a business to market green construction materials (he previously worked for several New York City hedge funds).

“They seem comfortable with each other,” says her friend. “She’s a very young 50. She’s playful. She’s cute. She’s down-to-earth. And he’s mature. They seem happy.”

For more on Katie’s new romance, pick up this week’s PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

1) There’s more? Surely there is at least one People reader among EphBlog readers. Tell us the more.

2) It is pathetic that EphBlog, the site dedicated to “All Things Ephs” can’t do some more original reporting. I, for one, have been wasting too much time on lesser matters. Tell us something (nice) about Perlin’s time at Williams.

3) It is amazing that a relationship which only started 6 months ago (October?) led to a Commencement speech this year. Who made that happen? Who knew about this not-public relationship and made the connection? Did Morty somehow find out about it and reach out to Perlin? Did someone else on the Honorary Degree committee hear a rumor? There is a story to be told.

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