The question: Should EphBlog remove Julia’s last name (at her request) from all posts/comments relating to the Mary Jane Hitler controversy? I think Yes, but many (most? all?) readers seem to disagree.

In thinking about this question, it is important to keep in mind our history of removals/censoring. In particular, anyone who thinks that simply removing Julia’s last name is unreasonable should explain why other removals of entire articles are acceptable. Consider two cases.

First, a post about a then-student arrested for child pornography was removed at the Eph’s request, along with a link or two to that post. This was news in the public record but, consistent with our FAQ, we removed it all.

Second, a post about a then-student who plead guilty to marijuana possession in Berkshire District Court. Again, this was a matter of public record. The Eph requested (in an extremely obnoxious fashion) that we remove it. (Amusing commentary here.) There is no way to stop us from printing this sort of post, but we want to create a friendly forum here. We aren’t interested in just EphTripe, obviously, but we would still like the Eph community to feel welcome.

So, if it is OK, even praise-worthy, to remove those two posts entirely, what is the problem with removing just Julia’s last name?

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