Thanks to comments (especially from “Dee”) on previous Mary Jane Hitler threads, EphBlog’s all-seeing eye is drawn to RobLINK, a site devoted to making salary information from George Mason University (GMU) public.

Contained on these pages are GMU Salaries from Spring 1995 to Spring 2006, with tools that make that information easy to search and survey. This salary information is public information and can be obtained by anyone by placing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with George Mason University. Please redistribute this information freely and encourage others to do the same.

Great stuff! Transparency in salary information is a long-standing cause of EphBlog. Who can forget our discussions about President Schapiro’s compensation or our trolling through the College’s Form 990s? Back when I could contribute to Willipedia, I created this page on the topic.

Does everyone appreciate this sort of public service? Alas, not.

Unfortunately, administrators and certain individuals at GMU are hostile to the release of this public information and are fighting against GMU salary information being widely available so that they can enjoy the dynamics of control. This approach is extremely damaging to the educational environment where the focus should be on facilitating an open environment that is supportive of academic pursuits instead of one that is strongly administrative, political, and censorial in nature.

Surely a bit overwrought, but the “dynamics of control” are exactly what we have had to deal for years in trying to get the Administration at Williams to conduct itself in a transparent manner, in a style worthy of an elite academic institution. Numerous examples available on request.

But does RobLINK having anything to do with Robert Shvern, Mr. Creepy Boyfriend? Good question! The first name and antipathy to GMU certainly matches. This link provides excellent circumstantial evidence. Perhaps some of our technically minded readers can trace the various connections via InterNIC.

Before this lulls you into sympathy for Shvern, note how the page ends:

Concept originally designed and implemented by RobLINK.
Salaries courtesy of George Mason University.
Send mail to the maintainer of this page.

This site exists without the assertion of any particular social, political, racial or “gender-based” ideology. This site is in no way affiliated with GNAA.

Don’t click on that last link unless you have a strong stomach and a computer protected from nasty cookies/spyware. It is the sort of “joke” that only someone like Shvern could appreciate.

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