(I emailed this to DK and he asked me to put it up as a post)


I’m a bit bothered by your seemingly unilateral removal of the full name of Bong Hits 4 Hitler from this blog, all comments, and your statement that any future posts/comments with her name would be redacted, coupled with your offer to remove Rob’s name from EphBlog based on an exchange that you feel is of equal value.

Back when I was sniping at PTC for what I saw as spamming about marginally tangential (at most) Democrat/anti-Bush/anti-war/populist politics and policies around the country, you corrected my statement that this is “DK’s Blog” by responding “And, for the 237th time, this is not my blog. This is our blog.”

If that is the case, I have a real problem with your unilateral decision to go ahead and remove Julia’s name from the posts and comments, without even asking the rest of us for our opinions on the matter before you did so or even informing us that you were considering it. In the same vein, I have even more of a problem with offering to remove Rob’s name based on your “deal” with him.

If this site is not just your blog, you do not have the right to make that decision on behalf of all of the other authors and commenters, particularly when it seems that you are in an extremely small minority. If it’s your EphBlog, then you do — but I really don’t think you can have it both ways here.

Nobody is forcing you (or even necessarily asking you) to use her name or Rob’s now or in the future. But I find it strange, to say the least, that you proclaim that “this is our blog” but then go on to change the rest of our entries and comments about Bong Hits 4 Hitler, set an editorial standard for future posts about Bong Hits 4 Hitler, and propose to do the same for posts about Robert Shvern.

If it’s “our blog”, then you don’t have the authority to bind us in your agreements or make the decision to remove Bong Hits 4 Hitler from all comments and posts here. You have not consulted us, asked for our opinions, or apparently recognized that most if not all of the rest of us disagree with you on both of these points.

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