For some badly needed levity, check out this video featuring future Eph Aaron Flack. Nerdy, artistic, math-loving athlete? Hard to imagine a better fit for Williams …

UPDATE (from David): Video deserves spot on front page.

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Article reports:

Ethan Gilbert and Aaron Flack aren’t total math geeks. They just play them on You Tube.

The Fayetteville-Manlius High School seniors made a music video about T.I. 84 calculators. Called “What You Know About Math,” the video spoofs the song “What You Know” (about that) by rapper T.I.

Since posting the video March 28, the 92-second film has become a featured hit on, attracting 865,105 viewers and 6,609 comments as of Monday.

Gilbert and Flack, both honor math students on the school’s Math League team, poke fun at themselves for being geeks.

Their rap makes Vanilla Ice look like Ice Cube.

“We’re memorizing rates for our Math League states against the Math League greats. Not getting many dates,” they rapped. “I got to find a mate, but girls just playa hate and always make me wait.”

Gilbert is also class president, captain of the football and basketball teams and a star lacrosse player. Flack is also a star lacrosse player and an artist headed to Williams College.

“I am a nerd!” Flack insisted. “But I also play lacrosse, so it takes the pain away.”

The video was filmed by fellow senior Kathleen Fletcher for a broadcast journalism class project. She has a cameo in the film as a girl who rejects the boys’ advances. The film also features calculus teacher Charles Stedman and sophomore Christopher Quinn, who achieved school-wide fame for memorizing 231 digits of pi.

Both Gilbert and Flack said their new-found fame hasn’t brought them droves of groupies yet. But they’re still hoping.

The spoofed (?) T.I. video is here.

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