Recent events have prompted us to organize EphBlog on a more formal basis. Current plan is to create a non-profit Massachusetts LLC with a board of directors. Doing so has several advantages. First, it provides an institutional mechanism for deciding things like removal policies. The board will vote and its decision will hold. Second, we can drop the “KaneBlog” annoyances. Although I will probably continue to be the most, uh, prolific poster, there will be a board of directors which will ultimately decide what happens here. Third, when creepy boyfriends (to use a hypothetical example) want to sue us, we will have an organizational structure to deal with that, and with various other issues.

Why do you care? You don’t! EphBlog a year from now will look pretty much the same. But, for all those who are eager to participate in EphBlog’s governance, here is your chance to do so. Join our Board of Directors! Current membership is me, Eric Smith ’99 and Rory Kramer ’03. We would love to have at least one faculty/staff member on the board. Does anyone know a trustee that might be interested? Applications from all members of the Williams community (including current students, parents and local residents are welcome). Just send me an e-mail.

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