Did you catch Professor Grant Farred’s lecture on Monday? (Background here.) Tell us what happened. A reader sent in these notes on the talk. Accurate description or brutal parody of incoherent po-mo rambling? You make the call! I liked:

“The event of Tawana Brawley is unforgettable (…) while it may slip for a while, when it it is reawakened, it does so with full remembrance.”

“There is in concatenation the recognition that the worst can happen at every turn.”

I lean toward parody since no knowledgeable person believes that Tawana Brawley was anything other than a hoax. Does Farred support Brawley’s version of events? Perhaps. The Record ought to interview him and find out.

Am I being too hard on Farred? Maybe his memories of Brawley were “reawakened” early in the case when he realized that the Duke lacrosse players were innocent, that this case, like Brawley’s, featured an African American woman making up from whole cloth a story of gang rape by white men. Yeah, that’s what Farred meant.

No doubt, in 20 years time, there will be professors at Williams who believe that Crystal Mangum was telling the truth . . .

UPDATE: Spelling fixed.

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