Want to contribute to EphBlog’s epic Nazi-snipe hunt? Feeling sad that your talents are more artistic than InterNICistic? No worries! EphBlog needs your help.

Attentive readers will have noted that our posts on Robert Shvern have lost their photos. Very sad. Turns out that the pale guy with the skanky ponytail was Robert Shvern himself. And here we thought it was just another loser on Friendster. Our mistake! In any event, the photos (since they are the property of Mr. Shvern) have been removed at his bombastically legalistic request. We at EphBlog are nothing if not law-abiding.

And that’s why we need your help. Please create a cartoon version of Robert Shvern that we can use in place of the missing photo. This is your chance for fame (or anonymity) in service of the greater Eph good. Nothing too tasteless please, but the smirk, ponytail and reverse Swastika are recommended components. Use your imagination! Either post a link to your submission or e-mail it to us. The winning submission will be proudly placed in past and present posts devoted to the topic of Robert Shvern.

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