Still think that Mary Jane Hitler is a basically good person who simply misjudged likely campus reaction to her posters? Think again. Consider her thoughts on Williams admissions from two years ago (before she arrived at Williams but after she had been accepted).

The PC explanation for why Jews make up 3% of the US population but 10% or more of the students at places like Williams is that Jewish culture values educational achievement. That is undoubtedly true, but . . .

[Incomprehensible rant on Jewish genetics deleted]

[O]ne of the reasons that some groups are “underrepresented” at Williams is that, pari passu, other groups at Williams are overrepresented. Want to increase diversity — meaning to make the percentages from various groups equal to the percentages in the applicant pool — at Williams? Don’t let in so many Jews.

Now, I am doing my best to keep an open mind about her, to see her as I was myself at 20, not a bad person but lacking a full Eph helping of empathy and with especially poor judgment about peer reaction to provocative ideas. Yet that is not the worst of it. She links to sites like the racist American Renaissance and suggests that dreck like “The Color of Crime” (pdf) by Jared Taylor ought to be assigned in a Williams classroom.

A single mistake deserves understanding and forgiveness. A pattern of such behavior necessitates stronger measures. Suggestions?

Whoops! Mary Jane Hitler didn’t write those rants, did not link to those noxious websites. I did.

Those who insist on punishment for her ought to pick on someone their own size, someone like me.

UPDATE: Minor editing.

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