The most important College Council meeting of the year happened two weeks ago and discussed Mary Jane Hitler. Rant follows.

CC member Andrew Goldston reports:

The dais took efforts to limit the scope to exploring the idea of standards of tolerance of speech/expression/whatever around campus, and the meeting was entirely too calm and measured, IMO. Honestly, nearly everything I heard I’ve already read on WSO, seen on EphBlog, talked over in ConLaw this morning, or written here myself.

Remington will be posting meeting minutes at some point with a pretty detailed accounting of what went on, if you want to check. The only thing everyone really agreed on, as far as I can tell, is that putting stuff on people’s doors is a pretty bad idea.

Frankly, I’m all Hitlered out.

Students want to read those notes but CC Co-President Kim Dacres is, uh, less than helpful to her constituents.

James Matthews: I haven’t seen or heard anything about this meeting, and it’s been a few days. Would somebody who was present care to fill me in?

Kimberly Dacres: We had the CC meeting last wednesday. You both should have come if you wanted to be filled in. But, since that isn’t the case…look out for the meeting minutes from the CC Secretary, Remington Shepard. Take care.

James Matthews: Not everybody has the time to come to everything they would like, Miss President. Furthermore, CC minutes tend to be elusive beings, appearing seemingly at random, and more frustratingly (for those of us who aren’t fans of the dining halls), unannounced, and disappearing just as quickly. Since some of us had other commitments at the time, it would nice if either someone less condescending towards that could inform us what went down, or if CC could at least post the minutes online so that we can have easy access/reference to them.

Kimberly Dacres: Let me make one thing clear, you are not the only one with committments on this campus. So, please don’t get testy with me when I point you in the direction that you asked for in the first place. As to my so called “condescending” tone…you don’t even know me. So try talking to me in person instead of being an “elusive being” and posting on WSO. CC office hours Sunday 9pm-10pm…unless you have other commitments because of course this IS all about you.

Spoken like someone not up for re-election! Comments:

1) Kudos to CC Co-president Morgan Goodwin for providing a brief run-down later in the thread.

2) Secretary Remington Shepard apologizes and notes that he has been too “busy being a student recently.” Wrong answer! When you run for CC, you are making a promise to, within reason, allow your CC duties to take precedence over your classes. No one is asking you to fail out, but if you don’t have time to turn than B- essay into an A because the notes take so much time to write, then you take the hit. Your GPA should be lower if you are a CC officer than it otherwise would be. CC officers are like JAs or sports/activity leaders. By competing for and winning a job that many others wanted, you are making a commitment to do that job first.

3) As best I can tell, the minutes are still not electronically available. Not even for last year! Some say that is fine, that there is no need for electronic CC minutes since only loser bloggers read them. False! First, if you are going to have a website which promises notes, then you need to put notes up there. Otherwise, people will not take you seriously. Second, if CC wants to influence people who matter (faculty, alumni), it needs to communicate with them. Meeting Dean Roseman once a week is fine and fun but she is not the only power that matters and, like many Deans, is more interested in getting CC on-board with her agenda than helping CC accomplish its agenda. Third, some/many/most students consider CC something of a joke (although this changes from year to year). One reason for this disdain is CC’s failure to accomplish even the most basic tasks, like posting the minutes.

Follow Jonathan Landsman’s ’05 example. Provide thorough minutes. Post them quickly. If the CC secretary can’t/won’t do it, replace him.

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