The Record and Transcript provide updates on the Cole Field Three.

According to the police report, Sgt. Scott McGowan responded to Cole Field on the college campus on Sunday, April 15, at 12:42 a.m. when someone reported seeing a small fire there.

McGowan wrote that he saw an explosive device that was on fire but had not detonated. He said he found two plastic bags, one from a store and another with a product bar code on it.

His report stated that the bar code helped him determine when the product was purchased. He said he used this information to look at who had bought the item on Wal-Mart’s surveillance camera tape.

The tape showed a “white male,” allegedly *, buying the item with a “credit or debit card,” he wrote. McGowan wrote that he contacted members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to obtain bank records showing the purchase.

Police then interviewed *, he wrote, which led them to also file complaints against * and * for allegedly participating in or being present for the explosive’s assembly.

The maximum sentence for possessing an infernal device was not listed in the complaint file. Maximum punishment for disorderly conduct is no more than six months in jail and no more than a $200 fine, or both.

We have been asked not to print the names of the students involved. We won’t. Comments which mention their names will be deleted. Kudos to Sgt. McGowan for an impressive investigation.

The students pleaded not guilty yesterday. Back to court on Friday. Condolences to the students (by all accounts good kids) and their families during a stressful time. It must be especially awkward since the three participated to different extents and, therefore, have different (and, perhaps, conflicting) interests in the case.

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