From the Vineyard Gazette:

Alida Dean, a senior at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, said she thinks the safety issue is blown out of proportion and is mostly used as an excuse by people who are too lazy to use their bicycles for transportation.

“The Vineyard is a pretty bike-friendly place. Mostly people just make excuses,” said Ms. Dean, 17, who rides her beach-cruiser style bike to school from downtown Oak Bluffs almost every day. “A lot of people will say to me that they wish they could ride their bike to school too. But I know they could, so I don’t really know what to say back to them.”

Ms. Dean said she started biking to school because she didn’t like riding the bus, but found later that she prefers it over driving as well. She plans to bring her bicycle with her – and no car – when she attends Williams College in western Massachusetts this fall.

“It’s great that it’s good for the environment and everything,” Ms. Dean said this week, “but I just really like riding my bike.”

Has anyone produced good estimates of the total carbon emissions from driving by students and faculty/staff at Williams? I don’t have a sense of whether this is 0.1% of total emissions or more like 10%. The Administration would certainly be eager to reduce student driving by restricting student parking. If every student had to park down by Cole Field, there would be a lot less driving.

Any attempt to reduce faculty/staff driving, on the other hand, will meet fierce opposition.

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