In case you’re wondering how the new student center is going, here are the updates from the past few weeks — oldest to most recent. Edit: Follow-up e-mail about Goodrich added in response to comment.

Apologies for the bad formatting of line breaks, which I am not fixing because there are too many. The following e-mails are all from Douglas Schiazza, so I am not putting them all in quotation form.

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 14:37:05 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Paresky Update 4/12/07

Here’s today’s Paresky Update!

– Named Spaces. Below is the current list of named spaces:

– The ’82 Grill (the pizza pub in the basement oval area)
– The Luetkemeyer Lounge (the open lounge area with foosball, air
hockey, etc., in the basement)
– The Lee Snack Bar (the first-floor oval area as well as the servery
with all the comfort food next to it)
– Whitmans’ (the marketplace servery on the 1st floor with all the yummy
– The Jessica H. Park Mailroom (the mailroom on the first floor)
– Baxter Hall (the great hall with the big fireplace on the first floor)
– The Fay Vincent Reading Room (the quieter oval-shaped space on the 2nd
floor, next to the Academic Resource Center)
– The Class of 1958 Lounge (the big lounge at the front of the building
on the 2nd floor, with the exterior balcony and the great view of Sawyer
– The Henze Family Fireplace Lounge (the lounge on the 2nd floor with
the fireplace)

Alumni Relations & Development will have more information to share about
each of these spaces at some point in the future (including beautiful
plaques to be installed).

– Using A/V in Paresky. The five meeting rooms and the auditorium are
equipped with a projector, a screen, a DVD player, a VCR, and a jack to
connect a laptop computer. (The auditorium has additional a/v equipment as
well.) For the time being, if you need to hook up a computer for a
presentation in a space in Paresky, you will need to bring your own cable to
connect your laptop computer to the wall jack. We anticipate having cables
in the future, when we have a place to store them in each meeting room.
Please note that computers are *not* provided.

Remember that if you need to use the auditorium and you’ve not done so
before, call me well in advance of your program, and we’ll arrange a time
for a demonstration. Student Assistants will be trained on the a/v basics
in Paresky over the next week and will be able to assist in a pinch.

– Games have arrived! We now have the following board games available to
check out and use in Paresky:

Apples to Apples * Chess * Cranium * Jenga * Monopoly * Risk *
Scattergories * Scrabble * Sorry! * Taboo

We also have two decks of Uno cards, and we will be adding decks of playing
cards, poker chips, and puzzles. To check any of these out, bring your
Williams ID to the Info Center and ask. You’ll need to leave your ID until
you return the game to the Info Center. All games are due back the same day
by 15 minutes prior to the Info Center closing.

– Luetkemeyer Lounge is slowly changing. Air hockey has been installed but
is having issues – hopefully it’ll be up and running soon. Ping pong has
arrived and should make its appearance soon, and the billiards table should
arrive on April 24. And, of course, the foosball table has been and is
available for use.

– Tape. (It wouldn’t be a Paresky Update without a bullet about tape, would
it?) Please do not post anything on the fireplace stone (or any of the
green stone). We have noticed that adhesive leaves a permanent mark on it.
As always, please use masking tape, preferably blue or purple, and only post
things on brick or on wood. Once the bulletin boards are installed, we’ll
let you know the new policy.

Paresky Updates will continue weekly until mid May. After that, additional
updates will go out as needed, or via the Daily Messages.

Thanks, and stay warm & dry!


Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 21:29:58 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Paresky Update 4/18/07

Hi everyone. Firstly, I’d like to say WELCOME to the Williams Outing Club –
they’re moving into Paresky this week! Their new office is located on the
2nd floor, on the north side of the building near the Henze Fireplace Lounge
and the restrooms.

Here’s this week’s Paresky Update!

1. Games – we now have the following games available to check out to use
in Paresky by visiting the Information Center on the 1st floor – you just
need your Williams ID: Apples to Apples * Catch Phrase (electronic) * Chess
* Cranium * Hoopla * Jenga * Monopoly * Pictionary * Risk * Scattergories *
Scrabble * Scruples * Sorry! * Taboo * Trivial Pursuit (6th Edition) *

We also have: Card Decks (x4) * Puzzle (one for now) * Uno Decks (x2) *
Poker Chips & Dice

It’s free to check them out – you just need to use them in Paresky and bring
them back before the Info Center closes on the same night, at which point
you’ll get your ID back!

2. Luetkemeyer Lounge now has air hockey, ping pong, and foosball. You
can check out equipment at the Information Center during its open hours.
During weekday hours, you can check with the Office of Campus Life and see
if Jessica Vega or I are available to help you out. (Billiards should
arrive on the 24th!) Please note that the air hockey table’s scoring system
is on the blink – but the table itself works. (You just have to keep score
yourself for now!)

3. A snack machine has arrived and is located next to the soda machine in
Luetkemeyer Lounge.

4. Campus phones have been added in the building in public places.

5. Bulletin Boards are currently being installed. By next week’s Update,
we will begin to enforce a posting policy in Paresky which will restrict
postings to specific bulletin boards. Stay tuned!

6. Audio/Visual Assistance – Rob Adelman ’09 is the Paresky Tech Manager,
and can answer many of the A/V questions you may have regarding using spaces
in Paresky. If you need assistance with A/V issues for a program or meeting
you’re planning in Paresky during the academic year, please contact Rob *in
advance* via email ( for advice or assistance. (Please
note that our A/V resources in Paresky are currently limited, and it’s
likely that you’ll need to arrange to borrow some equipment from Stetson,
depending upon your program’s needs.)

7. Banners – there will be a procedure coming out soon for requesting to
hang a banner, either on the front balcony (outside) or in the Great Hall
(inside). For now, if you are interested in doing so, please email me
( well in advance to make your request – include your
group, what you’re advertising, and the dates you’d like to have it
displayed. (Please note that, depending on the banner and the location, you
may need to arrange with Facilities to hang them, which may include a

That’s it for this week!


Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 10:48:27 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Paresky Update 4/27/07

Happy Friday everyone. Here is this week’s Paresky Update:

– Mailroom & Addresses. Students & offices with a mailbox in Paresky –
please use the following format for your on-campus address, and make sure
that those who send you things in the mail use it as such (it helps the
Postal Service to deliver things faster and more efficiently):

Student Name or Department Office
XXXX (your box number) Paresky Center
Williamstown, MA 01267

More information can be found at

– Audio/Visual – if you are planning to use the Paresky Auditorium and have
not yet been trained in the basics, you must contact Rob Adelman in advance
to meet with him and go over the system (and to find out if you need to
bring in additional equipment or he needs to be there to assist you for the
program). His email is If you have questions about the
a/v in the meeting rooms, you can also contact Rob. Again, so do in
advance – don’t wait until the last minute, because you may be out of luck.

– Banners – in order to keep up with requests to hang banners, request forms
are now available in the Office of Campus Life (these orange forms can be
found in the form holder by Gail’s office). Banners may be hung either
outside (on the front balcony) or inside (in Baxter Hall). Please note that
*exterior* banners must be hung by Facilities, and they need at least 10
working days’ notice – so be sure to submit your request form at least 10
working days in advance of the first day you’d like to hang your exterior
banner. Additional considerations are included on the request form.

– Postings – no new news yet, probably next week. But remember – MASKING
tape only (blue or purple preferred), and only on wood or brick surfaces.
Please attach nothing to the stone, including the fireplace, or to the
drywall or
glass. Items not meeting these guidelines will be removed.

– Luetkemeyer Lounge now has billiards, ping pong, air hockey, foosball, a
snack machine, and a beverage machine! If you need game equipment, check
with the Info Center during its open hours, or with the Office of Campus
Life during the weekdays. (We are currently out of ping pong balls, so you
may want to bring your own with you for now.)

– Going Outdoors – now that the weather is finally getting nicer
(relatively), people will undoubtedly want to sit outdoors by Paresky to
enjoy it. Although we do not yet have furniture for the front porch or the
south patio, we ask that you refrain from bringing any of the interior
furniture outside, including onto the east balcony. Furniture has already
been left outside, and has been damaged – so please, no more of that. For
now, enjoy a burger out on the front steps with your friends!

That’s all for today. Have a nice weekend!


Date: Fri, 04 May 2007 17:24:21 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Paresky Update 5/4/07

Hello everyone. Here is this week’s Paresky Update.

– Paresky Summer Hours. During the summer, Paresky will be open
Monday-Friday from 7am – 5pm, and on Saturdays from 9am – 2pm. The building
will be closed on Sundays and on July 4. If we get a real warm stretch, we
might have a few special evening events for students who are staying on
campus for the summer so they can cool off in the air conditioning – we’ll
play that by ear. Next week I will include the Dining Services & Mailroom
hours for Paresky for the summer.

– Information Center Hours. We’ve discovered that it would be helpful to
have the Information Center staffed during the daytime hours during the
academic year, so for May 7 – May 20, we will have the following hours
(they’re a little scattered due to student assistant availability):
Mondays, 12noon – 12midnight. Tuesdays, 1pm – 12midnight. Wednesdays,
1pm – 12midnight. Thursdays, 1pm – 12midnight. Fridays, 12noon – 2pm,
3pm – 1am. Saturdays, 11am – 1am. Sundays, 11am – 12midnight. During
these hours you can check out games & accessories for ping pong, air hockey,
billiards, or foosball, and get your Paresky questions answered! (This
fall, we are tentatively planning to have the Information Center open 10am –
1am each day, and maybe later on a couple of nights).

– Speaking of ping pong, we once again have a few ping pong balls available
to check out. Soon we will be installing a ping pong ball vending machine –
so you can buy your own for just a quarter! (Proceeds will be used to buy
more ping pong balls for the machine.)

– Although the air hockey is a little loud, please remember that the
building isn’t meant to be a quiet building under normal circumstances (in
fact, we even hope to have nice background music piped in by this fall).
The Vincent Reading Room and the meeting rooms are good places to go if the
puck action is bothering you too much.

– Postings have been going pretty well in Paresky, so we’re going to stick
with the general policy we’ve been using (masking tape only, wood or brick
surfaces only) in general, and now you may post fliers on the bulletin
boards found near the Mailroom. Other bulletin boards will have a sign on
them about how they can be used, so just follow the directions when they go
up. Please use only tacks on these bulletin board surfaces – *no staples*
(staples are very hard to remove from these boards). And remember, postings
put up with anything other than masking tape on wood or brick surfaces, or
put up on bulletin boards without tacks, or put up on other surfaces, will
be removed and disposed of.

– Computer VGA Cables. We (finally!) have the cables to hook up your laptop
to the projectors in the meeting rooms and the Auditorium. Once we have a
place to keep them in the rooms, they’ll be there to use. Until we have the
in-room storage, you may check in with the Office of Campus Life during
regular hours (M-F 8:30am – 4:30pm) to borrow a cable, or you’ll need to
bring your own to use. (And please note that if you have a Mac, you’ll need
to bring your adapter.)

– Gelato is back, just in time for the summerlike weather – check it out at
the Lee Snack Bar!

And finally, don’t forget – it’s First Fridays tonight, including a
prom-themed dance in Paresky! Have a great, safe weekend everyone!


Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 14:57:06 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Paresky Update 5/11/07

Happy Friday everyone – here’s this week’s update!

– Campus Party TODAY @ 4pm to honor Nancy Roseman! Be sure to stop by
Paresky starting at 4pm for a party to honor and thank Nancy Roseman for her
seven years of dedicated service as Dean of the College! Refreshments will
be served.

– Whitmans’ Hours – Whitmans’ last regular meal is dinner on May 21. It
will reopen on Saturday, May 26 for dinner, and will continue to serve
brunch (11am-1pm) & dinner (5-6:30pm) from Sunday, May 27 through Friday,
June 1, except May 31 (brunch 8:30-11am and dinner 5-6:30pm). On Saturday
June 2, only Brunch will be served at Whitmans’. Whitmans’ will reopen for
the summer (June 11-August 24) from 10:30am-2pm Monday-Friday.

– Lee Snack Bar Hours – The Lee Snack Bar will end late evening service on
Monday, May 21. Tuesday, May 22 till Friday May 25, the Snack Bar will
operate 8am-4pm. The Snack Bar will remain closed through Memorial Day
weekend, and reopen for service on Tuesday, May 29 through Friday, June 1
from 8am-4pm. It will be closed on Saturday, June 2, but will be open for
cash service on Sunday, June 3 from 8am-12noon. The Snack Bar will operate
Monday, June 4 through Wednesday, June 6 from 8am-4pm, and hours are still
being finalized for the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Reunion
Weekend. The Snack Bar will be reopen for the summer (June 11-August 24)
from 8-10:30am & 2-4pm Monday-Friday, and from 10am-2pm Saturdays.

– Grab & Go will also be open this summer, 10:30am – 1pm, Monday-Friday.

– Mailroom Hours – the Mailroom will be open this summer from 8:30am –
4:30pm, Monday-Friday. And you can check your mailbox anytime the building
is open, of course.

– Ping pong ball vending machine in Luetkemeyer. You can now buy a ping
pong ball for 25 cents in the Luetkemeyer Lounge. Paddles are still
available to be checked out at the Information Center.

Another update will be sent momentarily, regarding Goodrich Hall events
being relocated this weekend due to damages the building sustained from last
night’s concert (Irene Addison’s email is below, which was sent to all
students earlier today):

“Dear Students,

As a precaution, we’ve decided to close Goodrich Hall temporarily. There
are signs that the main floor may have sustained some damage during last
night’s concert. To make sure, we’re arranging to bring in a structural
engineer. The Campus Life Staff will communicate with you separately about
new locations for the events scheduled to take place there. Sorry for the
inconvenience but this seems the safe way to go.

Irene Addison
Assoc. V.P. Facilities and Auxiliary Services”

At this point, we are unsure how long Goodrich will be closed, but it’ll be
at least through the beginning of next week. Once we have verified the new
locations (likely in Paresky), another message will go out to confirm.


Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 16:05:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Goodrich Events Relocated for this Weekend

Two events that were scheduled for Goodrich this weekend have been
relocated, as follows:

**Tonight @ 9:30pm – Mike Davitian’s Amazing Juggling Performance will now
be held in East College. Contact Bill Ference
( for more information.

**Saturday Night @ 8pm – The Williams College Gospel Choir will perform
their spring concert in the Paresky Auditorium, basement level.

Also, FYI – a few people have asked what happened at Goodrich, so I’ll share
what I know. A concert was held there last night, and at one point in one
of the final songs, many happy concertgoers were jumping to the beat
simultaneously (which happens at concerts). Our incredibly observant Campus
Safety officers noticed the floor shifting a bit, immediately checked out
the support structure beneath the Great Hall and discovered that the jumping
may have caused some damage. This was at the end of the concert, so
everyone was able to leave safely and without incident. Hopefully we’ll get
some good news next week.

I’d like to extend a big THANK YOU to those Campus Safety officers for
noticing this, checking it out, and ensuring everyone’s safety in Goodrich
last night!


Douglas J.B. Schiazza
Director of Campus Life, Williams College
The Paresky Center, Suite 219
PO Box 455
Williamstown, MA 01267
413.597.4748 – fax

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