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The Williams Conversation

What is the best phrase to capture the collection of interesting, public comments made by and about Ephs? My suggestion is the “Williams Conversation.” Every lecture by a member of the faculty, every op-ed in the Record, every comment posted to WSO, every interview on WCFM, every article in the Alumni Review, every question at College Confidential, every New York Times story about the College, every blog entry written by an Eph — all of these, and much more, are a part of the Williams Conversation. If EphBlog 2.0 is to have a mission statement, then my candidate is:

EphBlog encourages, organizes and supports the Williams Conversation.

(Thanks to Rory Kramer ’03 for replacing “moderates” with “supports.”)

I have used the phrase “Williams Conversation” a few times in the past, groping toward a vision of EphBlog as a place where that exchange of views and opinions among open-minded Ephs might flourish. If anyone has any comments about either the phrase or the mission statement, I would be pleased to read them. Whatever else may change, our motto — “All Things Eph” — is fixed.

One problem with the Williams Conversation is that it is every difficult to follow. We try, via tools like the Eph Blogroll and Eph Planet, to aggregate the different voices in the conversation, but they work imperfectly, if at all. In our next version, using WordPress, we hope to do a better job of this. Please join us for the ride.