KC Johnson provides further insight into Farred’s recent nonsensical rant at Williams concerning the Duke lacrosse case. Basically, as KC makes clear, Farred’s thesis has shifted over time to allow him to maximize his demonization of the innocent players, despite the accuser being exposed as a fraud.

One good thing about Farred, he provides hope to all aspiring academics. After all, if his brand of incomprehensible gobblitygook (and that is actually a compliment, because to the extent it is comprehensible, it is utterly moronic) is enough to land coveted positions at Duke and Williams, securing a job at an elite institution must be far easier than I had ever imagined. (D)avid, I’m sorry to say that my admiration for your accomplishments is much diminished.

I especially love KC’s link to the piece on Yao Ming and Jeff Van Gundy. Suitably inspired, I’ve already put pen to paper on my breakthrough article — Robert Horry’s Muggery of Steve Nash: A Texas Individualist Critiques Canada’s Health Care System.

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