Fun article on move out time at Williams.

Williams College underclassmen will have left campus by noon today, having transformed dormitory trash containers and nearby curbs into a scavenger’s paradise.

“I’m leaving behind a pair of pants, a lamp, a pillow that is mostly dead and my pride,” freshman Eban Hoffer of Portland, Ore., said while helping a friend pack his minivan.

Every first year leaves a bit of his pride behind. Nothing wrong with that!

Hoffer said he was unable to find anything useful, however, when he rummaged through bins of other students’ discarded clothing looking for booty.

“I only found small girl-pants,” he said.

Hoffer said students would probably do well to transport fewer items into college dorms from home, but living simply can be more difficult than it seems.

“The Spartan, monk-like life is something I find appealing,” he said. “But in the end, it’s simply not operant.”

Freshman Mary Gelber of Winnetka, Ill., for example, said she depended on her roommate for essentials when she discovered she had not brought enough things from home.

“I didn’t have nail polish remover, which is a very necessary item,” Gelber said, smiling. “If I didn’t have a roommate, I don’t know what I would have done.”

Her roommate, freshman Amanda Huey, said she knew what to pack because she had attended boarding school. Both said they donated clothing to charities by tossing it into bins in the dormitory basement.

The choices for post title — operant, monk-like life, small girl-pants — were a bit overwhelming.

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