Visiting Williams over the summer? Be sure to stop in and see “the new Baxter,” the Paresky Center. To make sure that you are there when it is open, see the message below the break. (Maybe by the time you visit in July or August, they will have the fireplaces working!)

Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 11:17:33 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Paresky Update 5/22/07

Here is today’s Paresky Update – the last update of the academic year
(summer updates about Paresky will be included in Daily Messages as

– Building Hours now through June 3:

Tuesday, May 22 (Today) = closing at 5pm
Wednesday – Friday, May 23-25 = open 7am – 5pm
Saturday – Monday, May 26-28 = Closed
Tuesday – Thursday, May 29-31 = open 7am – 7pm
Friday, June 1 = open 7am – 7pm (+ Senior Week Activities at night)
Saturday, June 2 = open 10am – 8pm
Sunday, June 3 = open 7am – 5pm

There will be no card access into the building outside of those hours
(except for those staff members who work in the building).

– Building Summer Hours, June 4 – August 25:

Mondays – Fridays, 7am – 5pm
Saturdays, 9am – 2pm
Sundays, Closed
July 4, Closed
(There will be additional hours for Reunion Week events during the week
of June 4.)

Again, there will be no card access into the building outside of those hours
(except for those staff members who work in the building).

– Summertime Room Reservations – if you want to book a room for a meeting in
Paresky during summer open hours, be sure to use the online room
reservations system found here.

– Summertime, Bare Feet, and Dining – although Paresky is not explicitly a
dining hall, it does have several food venues which require the “no shirt,
no shoes, no service” policy. If you are coming into Paresky to get food
from any of the venues, or if you are going to sit down to eat in Whitmans’
Dining Room, the Lee Snack Bar Oval, or the ’82 Grill, please be sure to be
dressed appropriately – otherwise the staff can’t serve you and may ask you
to leave.

– The Information Center will be open this summer. If you have questions,
need assistance, or want to check out a game or ping-pong paddles, stop by
the Information Center on the 1st floor, Park Street entrance.

– Upgrades during the summer. There’s still more to do to finish the
building, so there will be a number of things that folks will be working on
this summer (60 pages worth, the last time I saw the punchlist). Mostly
little things that aren’t so noticeable to most people, and a few things
that everyone will notice by the fall. Thanks for continuing to be patient
as we finish this wonderful building!

And that’s that – the end of the updates for this academic year. Have a
GREAT Summer!


Douglas J.B. Schiazza
Director of Campus Life, Williams College
The Paresky Center, Suite 219
PO Box 455
Williamstown, MA 01267
413.597.4748 – fax

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