Meet the new General Partner of the New York Yankees, Hal Steinbrenner ’91.

According to a March article in New York Newsday,

The youngest of the four Steinbrenner children, Hal, like his brother Hank, has rotated in and out of the Yankees’ loop. He joined Steve Swindal in Cincinnati, back in June 2003, to introduce Derek Jeter as the Yankees’ new captain. In recent years, however, he hasn’t taken part in such ceremonial events. He is known to possess a temper similar to his father’s, and following the 2003 season, Hal thwarted George Steinbrenner’s renewed attempt to take away dental coverage from team employees.

But the meat is in the New York Daily News

After years of avoiding the spotlight of the Yankee empire, George Steinbrenner’s youngest son has stepped up to take the leading role of a franchise in a state of flux.

Hal Steinbrenner, 38, has quietly assumed the role of general partner of the Yankees in the past few weeks, the Daily News has learned – a move that could delay decisions on the job status of Brian Cashman and Joe Torre.

According to team sources in Tampa, the son known among Yankee insiders as “Prince Hal” has taken charge in the absence of former general partner Steve Swindal – the estranged husband of George Steinbrenner’s daughter Jennifer – and is now evaluating all areas of the operation.

Hal Steinbrenner has enlisted Felix Lopez, the husband of his other sister, Jessica, to serve as his envoy in New York. Lopez will travel to New York at least twice a month to evaluate the club’s personnel, both on and off the field. He was in New York as recently as two weeks ago to survey the progress on the Yankees’ new stadium.

“Expect to see Felix making periodic visits to New York, and then reporting back to Hal,” one source confirmed.

Let me be the first to welcome our new Steinbrennerian overlord. “May death come swiftly to his enemies.”

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