Remind me again why the College is firing Coach Ralph White. Stuff like this?

Mokgosi admits to being concerned about coming to America [from Africa] to study. “All of the media portrayals of the States in the news and movies at home showed plenty of guns and violence,” said Mokgosi. “I was a little worried.”

Shortly after Mokgosi arrived on campus he received an email from Ralph White the head coach of track & field asking him to come out for the team. “I guess Coach White had seen in my file that I had some experience running and he thought it might be a good idea if I joined the track team. He told me that joining the team would ease my transition into campus life.”

Feeling a little homesick and wanting to make friends Mokgosi decided to come out of “retirement” and try to run for the Ephs. “Coming to Williams and being a part of the Williams track team were and are still easily the best decisions that I have ever made thus far in my life. Without track, I would have been lost and not survived for long at Williams.”

Mokgosi was immediately struck by the openness and accepting nature of the track team. “I did not expect such a warm and welcoming atmosphere.”

Maybe a new track coach can fix that . . .

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