Steve Case ’80 offers advice.

Stephen M. Case has been making a lot of public apologies lately. Less than a year ago, in an interview with TV talk-show host Charlie Rose, the co-founder of America Online conceded that he was “sorry” for advocating the ill-fated 2000 merger of AOL and Time Warner.

Earlier this month, Mr. Case, now chairman of investment firm Revolution Partners, offered a more light-hearted mea culpa to an audience at the Ross School of Business, at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Kicking off his keynote speech at the Ross School’s May 3 commencement ceremony, the former AOL chairman apologized to parents for helping to get their children hooked on instant messaging.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I know what it’s like as I rarely see my own children — even when they’re in the house.”

Mr. Case also advised the new M.B.A.’s not to play it safe and told them to take a lesson from baseball legend Babe Ruth.

“He was known as the home run king, but he was also the strike out king,” he said. It’s a telling observation from someone who championed the largest merger in history — and one of the most criticized.

See the link for video. Case saved the shareholders of AOL (the people he had a fiduciary responsibility to) untold millions by merging with TimeWarner. Kudos to him.

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