How many “queer theory” courses are there at Williams? Good question! (Related thread here.) Now, obviously, there will be very few if any that are only about queer theory. But there are several classes with “queer” in the description. They are:

ENGL 341(S) American Genders, American Sexualities
LATS 235(S) (formerly 335) Latina/o Theatre and Performance, 1950-2000
LATS 230(F) Approaching Performance Studies
ENGL 373(F) Modern Critical Theory
THEA 104(F) World Theatre History I: Performance in Oral, Written and Print Cultures

All these courses are offered in 2007-2008. Now, just because one puts “queer” in the description does not make an intro course like, say, THEA 104 into a class on “queer theory.” But every minute spent in queer theory is a minute less spent elsewhere.

If five courses enough? Perhaps not. Perhaps Williams needs 10 or 20. Perhaps every class needs to mention sexuality — or race or gender or class or (we can dream!) all four.

As for me, I wish the history department would offer classes in the history of US foreign policy and military history. I think that lectures class like PSCI 120 should be turned into discussions. Call me crazy.

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