A member of the class of 2012?

Like any typical high school junior, Matthew Richey did not enjoy taking the SAT. So Richey, 17, felt relieved when he realized his first shot at the 225-minute test had been his last.

The reason? He received a perfect score.

Richey, a student at St. Francis High School in Athol Springs, scored a 2400 on the college entrance test he took May 5. His point total represents perfect scores of 800 on each of the test’s three sections: critical reading, mathematics and writing.

“I was like, ‘Is that a possible score?’ ” Richey said. “I expected to do well, but not that well.”

The College Board, which administers the SAT, will not announce overall test scores for Richey’s class, the Class of 2008, until next year.

But the most recently released results, those for the Class of 2006, show almost 1.5 million members of that class took the exam. Only 238 of them received perfect scores of 2400, St. Francis guidance director Bob English said.

Richey hopes his high score will open doors for admission to the colleges he is considering: Boston College, University of Rochester, University of Virginia, Williams College and Canisius College.

“He’s going to get an extremely good scholarship,” said the Rev. Michael Sajda, president of St. Francis High School. “He’ll be a very busy young man this summer opening up mail.”

First, how did Williams end up in that list? Second, Richey may be getting “scholarship” offers, but not from Williams (other than need-based).

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