Even the vast right wing conspiracists at the Corner like Foutain of Wayne.

Fountains of Wayne is the name of my favorite pop-rock band, whose new album Traffic and Weather is almost as good as their last, the spectacular Welcome Interstate Managers. The songs they write — witty, clever, haunting, and resolutely about middle-class suburban life and its discontents — are invariably interesting even if they don’t knock you over. Adam Schlesinger, the band’s chief lyricist, is writing occasional pieces for The Onion’s AV Club (the part of The Onion that isn’t parody) about the band’s tour for Traffic and Weather. Here’s the first one. It’s hilarious (warning: there are a few dirty words). Sample:

Anyway, about a week ago, we started our first tour in several years in typically grand fashion, playing at a computer store in New York City. We had to cut down on the pyro effects for this show, due to the low ceilings. But I think it was a nice way for people to get to see us up close and check their e-mail at the same time. We played a short set which was billed as “acoustic” because at least one of us played an acoustic instrument. The after-show debauchery included intense discussions with the sales staff about the upcoming release of the Apple phone.

If John Podhoretz likes FoW then you will too!

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