Someone to make trouble for the Williams administration from the class of 2011?

While congratulating seniors was the main focus of the ceremony, the change of location came in a close second among spectators, several hundred of whom stood and observed graduation from a distance.

The school district and board decided to install a new all-weather football field and track this summer, and the work forced graduation to move from the football field — where it had been held for the last 34 years — to the front of Vintage Hall.

The board decided doing the work during the summer would cause the least disruption to student activities, but many high school seniors objected, with more than half signing a petition unsuccessfully requesting the board delay the project until after the ceremony.

St. Helena High School running star Brian Cole was one of the most outspoken critics of the decision.

“The area where they had graduation wasn’t as big a deal as how the district went about the graduation planning. That’s the only thing that peeved me,” said Cole, who added he plans to attend Williams College in Massachusetts, possibly to study environmental science. “I think someone needs to start calling them on the way they do business.”

I like that attitude! Welcome to Williams. Previous entry on Cole here.

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