Another Eph who should probably not go to law school is Andana Streng ’08.

Andana Streng is hoping that her time in the Berkshires is the first stop of a personally motivated “world tour.”

“After graduation, I want to start in New York City and eventually end up in Paris,” said Streng, a 20-year-old Williams College junior whose home is in Oradea, Romania. “France is my heart country, my soul country.”

The Berkshire Hills Internship Program provides Streng with an opportunity to explore the Berkshire region’s culturally rich and diverse arts arena. The experience will enhance her political science and history education, and boost her effort to become an arts lawyer.

“I always wanted to be a lawyer. I saw [television program] ‘Law and Order’ when I was 9, and I was hooked,” Streng said.

Too many would-be-lawyer Ephs don’t really understand what lawyers do all day or what law school is like. If your pashion is art, you should go into art. It is wise to pick up skills (especially tech skills) that will help you get ahead, it is even smarter to work the Williams network for alumni connections. But if you care about X, don’t go to law school to become an X lawyer. It probably won’t work out that way. At the very least, you should spend a day at, say, Albany Law School sitting in on first year classes in torts and contracts. Guaranteed to be an eye-opening experience.

Streng said art lawyers are few and they work primarily on copyright laws and intellectual property litigation. Combining her love of art with her childhood desire to be an attorney, Streng sees her internship at the Office of Cultural Development in Pittsfield as a way to learn more about the people whose issues she plans to champion.

“I’ve wanted to do an internship like this for a long time,” she said. “At a larger museum, I’d just be stuffing mail and not getting any real work experience.”

In Pittsfield, Streng works with the office Director Megan Whilden to promote, support and initiate cultural activities and events for residents and visitors, all responsibilities that require multi-taking.

“Megan is definitely a jack of all trades, so that makes me a mini-jack of all trades,” said Streng. “You can’t get bored there; it’s a rule of thumb.”

During a typical work day, Streng tackles various projects simultaneously, rotating between helping develop a newsletter and website for the office and working on artistic projects for the city.

Streng wants to use what she’s learning this summer to create a bridge between her college and the larger Berkshire cultural community outside of Williamstown.

Good stuff. Streng seems smart and organized. (Tough to get into Williams from Romania without being both.) No doubt, she will do well. But her career in the arts will probably go much better if she devotes the time and money which would be consumed by law school to something more direcly art related.

Streng said she doesn’t think of herself as an “artist,” she prefers to call herself a “dabbler.” She hopes to use her B-HIP internship to gain skills.

“I hope to have a better understanding of what arts management really is and how the arts world actually works,” Streng said. “I want to make connections and apply what I’ve learned either at Williams or in the future.”

“My philosophy is ‘I’ll help you become the best you can be and I hope to learn something in the process,'” she said.

An excellent philosophy. Just like EphBlog!

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