The College’s latest list of hires includes Bradford Wakeman in the Investment Office. (Previous discussion of the investment office and Wakeman here. Note that we are the top two hits on Google for Collette Chilton. Beware the power of EphBlog.)

Regular readers, of course, knew about Wakeman’s hiring three months ago. More recent news, judging from this handy list of the Investment Office staff, involves the addition of two Investment Analysts to the Boston office: Abigail Wattley ’05 and Claire Woolston. (Congrats to Wattley on her upcoming Eph wedding.)

Sources in the old, rich Eph-boy network report that the plan is for the Investment Office in Boston to have a staff of 6 besides Chilton. With Corrigan, Wakeman, Wattley and Woolston, the hiring is almost complete. These folks will soon have a large amount of control over more than $1.5 billion. The Record ought to write on this topic.

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