I know that I should be nicer to the hard-working folks at the Office of Campus Life, but this stuff bugs me.

Hello Student Leaders,
If your group has not done so already, please be sure to re-register for the upcoming semester. The Office of Campus Life will be sending out important information early to mid-August regarding the Purple Key Fair, Jamboree, and the Student Organization Summit. Groups are required to attend the Purple Key Fair and the Student Organization Summit in order to receive College Council funding.

Blah, blah, blah. Nothing wrong with the announcement and the attendant bureaucracy per se, but note the end of the post.

While your at it, please check out the new Campus Life website!

Thank you and enjoy your summer,
Katie Kamieniecki
Campus Life Coordinator, Student Leadership & Development

Is there more student leadership on campus today than 10 or 20 years ago because the College now employs a bureaucrat with the phrase “student leadership” in her job title? I doubt it. In fact, odds are that there is less leadership by students. The more that the College pays people to do things that students used to do for themselves, the less they will learn about leadership.

Remember the Tablecloth Colors!

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