Great article on the Williams/Amherst rivalry.

The 1997 season finale, for instance, has become something of a local legend in New England. Williams entered the game 6-1; Amherst was a perfect 7-0. The Lord Jeffs took a 46-45 lead with just over a minute to go on a trick two-point conversion. But Williams answered, driving 70 yards to set up a 27-yard field goal, which freshman Collin Vataha (in his first year of kicking — ever) nailed to ruin the Lord Jeffs’ perfect season, 48-46.

“People comment that it was one of the greatest games they’ve ever seen,” said Amherst football coach E.J. Mills, whose first taste of the rivalry as a head coach came in that 1997 matchup. “The thing that’s amazing about the game is the emotion — the raw emotion — from the kids. We really enjoy playing in that game, and unfortunately, for better or worse, you get defined by that game. And when you win it, it’s awesome, and when you lose it, it’s devastating. It’s kind of hard to put into words exactly, but it just means so much to a lot of people.”

Greatest game I’ve ever seen. Whole article is high quality and includes some new (to me) stories. How about Rubber Chicken!

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