Coach White just sent the following e-mail to the members of the track team:

Hello Gang,

I hope all is well and that you are enjoying the summer, making a lot
of money and spending quality time with your family. As you know, in
February, the college decided not to renew my contract. I appealed
the decision as I do not agree with their stated reasons. I just
received a letter that my appeal was denied, after several months.
Although I am extremely disappointed, I am not surprised, as the
rules are written by Williams for Williams. I just wish I had the
opporunity to speak to those that I have worked for or with for the
last seven years. There are a lot of people and things I will miss,
and some I will not. However life goes on and I will make the best of it.

Coaches Farley and Farwell will continue to lead you, and the team
will not miss a beat. There is no one person, coach or athlete, whose
loss cannot be overcome. I expect great things to continue as I
really believe the best is yet to come. Work together and be positive
and supportive of each other. I would be disappointed with anything less.

I have loved my seven years at Williams. As a coaching staff and team
it is second to none. I took a tremendous amount of pride in you and
possibly cared TOO much but your efforts deserved my enthusiasm. It
was great seeing you develop as people and as athletes and I will
surely miss that. I will continue to follow your progress as you
continue to be the envy of the nation. Keep on making me proud by
doing things the right way, and focus on the future, not on the past.

Best of luck and please do not hesitate to contact me if there is
anything I can do for you (although right now I am out of town with
limited access to email.) Thank you very much for all of your support
during these trying times, I will not forget it. I hope we cross
paths in the future.

This is the longest email I’ve ever written. This shows you how
special you are.

Coach White

Too bad for Williams! He will be greatly missed. It will be interesting to see who the track coach will be next year. (I have heard rumors of a minority female.) I am sure that Coach White will meet with coaching success wherever he goes.

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