We have another alum, Bunge Cook ’98, who is now in Iraq.

He is a Marine who will be there through the Winter Study month. He would appreciate hearing from fellow alums.

Bunge wrote the following:

I am thrilled with all forms of correspondence.

Capt Warren C. Cook Jr.
Lima CO, BLT, 3/1, 13th MEU
UIC 40235
FPO AP 96610-0235

It only takes a regular 41 cent stamp.

If you are interested in mailing a package (Priority Mail Flat Rate Box is the best and cheapest way.), the following is a list of requests from Bunge, which are typical of every deployed military person.

From Bunge

Per your request, here are some things my Marines would enjoy. The lads love their nicotine: Forms of it include:

Chew (best to buy in “logs” ..bullk”:
Copenhagen snuff and long cut
Red Man

Cigarettes (Marines will smoke anything, but these are popular):
Marlboro Red, Lights, and 72s
Newport Lights
Camel (filters)

Cigars (if you have people who want to support a fellow Eph, I love Acid cigars):
Acid brand (any flavor, smaller sizes are preferred as a result of short time periods for smoking)

Ground high test (D&D, Starbucks, etc.)


Combos (travel well)

Baby Wipes
Stridex pads

Engergy Drink mix (128 degrees):
Gatorade Propel Water bottle sized powder packets.(one packet fills on H20 bottle)

The above items are things Lima Company Marines love and will use immediately.

Thanks for your support, and any other Ephs supporters out there.

Semper Fi,



Thank you all for your support of our deployed alums.

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