Isn’t it about time that WSO’s Factrak was available to first years? Apparently, not.

Q: I don’t have access to Factrack on WSO for some reason. I emailed them but haven’t gotten a response. Any know any other way to find ratings on professors?

A: Eh, this happened to the ’10s last year to, you probably won’t be able to get on until mid September. Until then you just have to be good at guessing.

Too bad. Factrack should be open to first years. In fact, it should be open to everyone. The more transparency and input, the better. Another long term project is to replace Factrack with a more Wiki-type system which would allow for comments on the comments. We shouldn’t delete a student’s opinion that, say, a specific class has a disorganized syllabus, but we should provide an easy mechanism for another student (or alum) to disagree.

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