U.S. News rankings come out tomorrow. An anonymous commentator claims that Williams is still #1.

The rankings have supposedly been leaked. Here are the top LACs:

1. Williams
2. Amherst
3. Swarthmore
4. Wellesley
5. Carleton

True? I think so. The list has probably been distributed to other news outlets so that they can get a jump on writing their own stories. Even though the information has been embargoed, many people have access. Can anyone provide a link to some more authoritative version of the leak? Or is this an EphBlog exclusive? If this is a spoof, it is extremely well-done since it included the top 24 names, all of which seem plausible and reasonably ordered. Note that it also included West Point and Annapolis, two schools that grouped with the liberal arts colleges last year. See here for the Carnegie classification which is, I think, used by U.S. News. Note also that the Air Force Academy is not included in the leaked list and is not in the same Carnegie category.

Last year, West Point and the the Naval Academy were unranked. So, anyone who was making the list up would be unlikely to include them.

So, I think that this list is accurate. We are #1. You read it first on EphBlog.

UPDATE: Confirmed! See here for a leak of the entire news release. How quick is Google? Within an hour, EphBlog was the top item for a blog search of “leaked U.S. News rankings“. Good work DeWitt Clinton ’98!

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