Thanks to a comment in this thread, here are the historical rankings from U.S. News and World Report. Comments:

1) This list does not include the latest (2008) ranks.

2) Younger Ephs may not recall that Williams was not #1 for a ten year stretch from 1994 to 2003. Those were our years in the wilderness.

3) Is it a coincidence that Williams has done so much better since Morty became president? I doubt it! I bet that Morty is very aware of the rankings and how important doing well is in the global marketplace for elite students.

4) What does the future hold? Again, we need someone to crunch the numbers and methodology more thoroughly, but my sense is that Williams is safe in the top 3 for years to come. It also seems that the recent expansion in class size at Amherst will prevent them from challenging us for at least a few years since they will lag on the faculty:student ratio and class sizes until they do some more hiring.

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