John Bozeman ’98 is now re-deployed to Iraq. He’ll be there for a year and would enjoy hearing from fellow Ephs. His mailing address is:

Sgt John L. Bozeman
MITT 0730
Unit 42719
FPO AP 96426-2719

If you are interesting in sending a Support Package (I have found that the Priority Mail Flat Rate Box is the least expensive shipping method), John has asked for three things:
Since we will not be going to the same place as my previous deployments or doing the same sort of stuff, I suspect I will need more support.

Mach 3 razors,
Copenhagen Long Cut,
and Laffy Taffy

will be the staples. As for other stuff, I will have to get there and be without it for a while to know what I really need.

All Marines also appreciate Good Coffee, Baby Wipes (try living in 120 degree weather, fully clothed and without showering for weeks at a time), beef jerky and MAXIM Magazine.

Thank you for supporting our deployed Ephs.

Stewart Menking ’79

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