Marcos Sahm ’04 notes this Gawker post on Brook Perlin’s ’96 girlfriend Katie Couric.

Less than a month after her CBS debut, she attended a cancer fund-raiser in Manhattan where she was introduced to a tall, good-looking young man by the name of Brooks Perlin. Unlike the self-made types Katie had been attracted to in the past – Jay Monahan, Tom Werner, and Chris Botti – Perlin came from a family of privilege. And at thirty-three years of age, he was, biologically speaking, young enough to be forty-nine-year-old Katie’s son.

Perlin grew up in the tony suburban community of Darien, Connecticut. After graduating from Hotchkiss (the same elite boarding school attended by Tom Werner), he went to Williams College. There he was known as a jock who liked to parade around – a la John F. Kennedy Jr. – without his shirt on.

Though Katie found herself drawn to the young and energetic Perlin, their nearly seventeen-year age difference gave her pause. But when Perlin called for a date, Katie couldn’t resist saying yes.

The irresistible allure of an Eph man . . .

I should stop right there.

Anyway, this excerpt is from a forthcoming biography of Couric. See Gawker for more details and lots of snarky commentary. And people say that EphBlog is mean! Prior posts here.

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