There seems to be some confusion about our policy regarding comments.

Ephblog is also removing comments.

I added one this morning to the Bozeman post questioning whether sending Maxim is ever appropriate. It was deleted and comments seem to have been disabled for that story. What’s going on?

As always, a good play to start is with the FAQ.

Why did you delete my comment?

Because it was rude or obnoxious or off-topic or trollish. We delete comments all the time. We welcome deletion suggestions from readers. Our goal is to create an Eph conversation, an on-line analogue to all the discussion and debate which occurs in the classes and dining halls of Williams. Sharp comments and pointed rebukes are welcome. If you think that someone’s argument is stupid or racist or pathetic, then write that (and back it up). But (true) comments like “Dave is ugly” will be removed. The truth is no defense against a charge of bad manners.

Note that comment removal is always a judgment call. Various authors — including our soon-to-be-announced Board of Directors — have the power to remove/edit any comment/post at any time. Eric Smith and I end up doing most of the removal, but others can and do. Also, we occasionally set up the post to not allow comments at all. Any author has the power to edit/delete comments on the thread that he starts.

In the case of the Bozeman post, Stewart’s intention was to notify EphBlog readers about Bozeman’s contact information. He thought that at least one of the comments was obnoxiously off-topic. He was unaware of the magic button in MovableType that allows one to turn off comments for a specific post. He has decided not to allow comments on this thread and, I suspect, future Adopt-An-Eph postings.

And this is his right as an EphBlog author. If you don’t like it, then the solution is simple: Join EphBlog! Start a thread yourself. If, for example, you think it would be interesting to talk about the Eph distribution among the enlisted and officer ranks, then start that conversation. If you wonder about how many Ephs like Maxim and whether or not they should, you can talk about that.

Since our policies are always evolving, please suggest your preferred changes below. Comments on this thread are open!

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